Venom PC PRO Warrior Keyboard Review


So you have made it this far, so I am assuming you are interested in this board, good! You should be. For the price of this keyboard, it really is a feature packed entry-level mechanical board. It is currently £54.99 on Amazon, which if the keys are as good as they claim, which from my short time with the keyboard feel fine. Then it is a bargain.



Many F key functions such as keyboard lock and media control

 easy to use macro keys


Water resistant

Very nice, comfortable wrist rest

Aesthetically pleasing

Volume Control

Can be used with a lot of third party keycaps

Metal fascia adds weight and gives a quality finish

braided cable


Very little technical information

Backlight doesn’t enable the keys to be read due to the pad printed keys.

No indicator light for the keyboard lock

Final Thoughts

So, what do I really thin About the Venom UK PC PRO Warrior Keyboard? Well, this is quite a lot of keyboard for the price really. Having said that having used keyboards that are sometimes 3 or 4 times the price, I can tell a stark difference. This keyboard would be great for the younger market that I would assume Venom UK are targeting. It is a very “flashy” and the red and black certainly would have appealed to me as an early teen, however, now I’m in my late twenties, it isn’t really my cup of tea. They keys are quite nice to type with and gaming is no problem either. I am a big fan of Cherry brown or even Cherry green switches and these do not have the same quality feel as them, but then again, this keyboard is literally a quarter of the price I paid for mine.  The wrist rest is fantastic, one of the best I have used and the added functionality of the macro keys adds a lot. One really big issue for me is the lack of information on the switches, we are told they are mechanical keys and we are told that they can withstand 58,000,000 keystrokes, but unfortunately, without any information on the switch we can not check this out. I did start trying to press the escape key 58,000,000 times, but I lost count after around 18. If I was new to the mechanical keyboard market and wanted to try an entry level board, this is a great one to try, if you are a keyboard veteran who knows exactly what you like, maybe give this one a miss until there are more details available.

I don’t have any kind of award system yet (boo hoo). So I am simply going to rate it out of 5  in these categories:

Design: 4/5

Aesthetics: 3/5

Usability: 3/5

Value: 5/5


Total: 19/25

The Venom UK PC PRO Warrior Keyboard has a lot of bang for its buck. As one of the cheapest mechanical keyboards I have ever used, it certainly has a lot of features. It is a great entry level keyboard, which would suit younger members of the PC community. It would have been nice to have more information on the switches and even to pay a little extra for some small changes, but as a first try, Venom UK have done exceptionally well.

A huge thank you to Venom UK for providing the sample for this review.

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