Venom PC PRO Warrior Keyboard Review

This is somewhat a first for me, I have never reviewed a peripheral that hasn’t already had a lot of reviews or exposure already, so far I haven’t seen any other reviews, but then again, I try not to read other reviews before giving my opinion so mine is not biassed. ¬†Today, I am going to be looking at a keyboard from Venom UK. As the name suggests, this company was founded in the UK in 1999 and have mainly being producing gaming accessories for consoles such as controllers, charging docks and headsets. As a PC enthusiast, I rarely use a console and I haven’t owned one for quite some time, but I have seen Venom UK products at events previously and they seem to be popular. Venom’s philosophy is:

“to design, manufacture and supply superior gaming accessories at an affordable price.

Our emphasis is on using quality components and materials that result in durable products that don’t cost the earth.

Once you’ve tried and tested Venom, you’ll be back for more.”

This is certainly a bold claim and with the company now breaking into the PC peripherals market I can take a look and see if it is true. So without further to do, let’s have a look!


The packaging is a good example of the typical “gaming” keyboard, black with a nice highlight colour, in this case, red, with plenty of information to get us interested.


One thing I have noticed about this keyboard overall is that branding is kept very minimal. This is great, some companies plaster their logo over things that much it starts to look a mess.


On the front of the box we can see some of the features this board boasts. Mechanical switches, colour matched gaming keys, water resistant, backlit and also macro keys.


On the back of the box there are more in-depth details about the features.


Having looked at the box, it shows a white switch here, we have got a red switch version, I haven’t got any information on whether there are many versions of the switches or the differences between them, but we will go into that a little later.


The back of the box also has a quick overview of the features written in a few different languages, here it is in English.


Inside the box there is a little instruction manual, the keyboard and also a wrist rest.



Unfortunately, we are very limited on what we know about this keyboard, there is very little on the website and also very little on the box or in the manual. This is what we do know:


For a mechanical keyboard it really does lack information, the market for keyboards is huge and people do a lot of research before they spend their hard-earned money. People spend hours comparing switches, weights and sizes etc and as none of this is known, this which could potentially put customers off. The 58,000,000 keystroke¬†claim is very bold also. Regardless, let’s press on and have a closer look at the keyboard.

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