My Geeky Trip to Germany – Day 4 – be quiet! .

After the 6 am bedtime after drinking copious amounts of German beer and the 10 am wake up I was rather tired and thought I best take it easy for the day, but I had a visit to be quiet! arranged to meet my sponsor Katharina. I had met her previously in the UK and she has always been nice so it was great that I could visit her. There were quite a few places I was not allowed to take pictures as they had products that were in development stages so these pictures are not all of the areas, just a select few.


This is the room where they test PSU’s with live systems when there is a problem or when they have reports of something going wrong, this means they have hundreds of different motherboards and GPU’s just to ensure that they can replicate any issues that you may have with their product and make sure that it isn’t something else causing the issue.


This is their most power hungry system that they use for their “real life” testing. nom nom nom.


This is their small load testing area, they also have a VERY big Chroma also which is huge and can really punish PSU’s  and test them to their limits.


I thought this was quite an interesting picture, this is the same power supply, just different revisions ( I *think* they were the Straight Power series) Here we have the newest – the Straight Power 6, 8, 9 and their newest the 10. the fan in them is the exact same size, however the casing has evolved quite a bit over time and we can see how they have made small changes to ensure the products do indeed get better.


We then took a walk through the warehouse to see what it was like in there, they have just been shipping a lot of products to vendors so it was far emptier than normal, but as you can see there is still loads of hardware! We had a room full of their Silent Base cases, both the 600 and the 800.


and an even bigger room full of PSU’s these are just a select few of the “System Power” range.


These are all TFX and SFX supplies and then behind me there are loads of their high-end PSU’s, but I was ushered away from them as one would have found its way into my bag and I was already over my limit haha.


Well, next be quiet! had booked us a table at a really nice restaurant that sells speciality burgers and such, I did take a picture of the burger I ate, but somehow it has disappeared. I was going to take it easy and not drink, but that went out of the window in the first 10 minutes.


This one is banana beer, wheat beer, but then with like a banana pulp added, it was really nice!


most of the be quiet! group had to work the next day so they headed home, which was unfortunate as they were really nice people, but myself, Katherina and Martin (from Tt) wanted to show me Hamburg a little so we decided to have a wonder around. First we headed to the docks which were cool.


This is actually a huge lift that can carry people, bikes or cars. It enables people to go under the docks to get to the other side without having to drive over a bridge.


We then went to an Irish pub haha, it was the first beer that I have had that I recognised the taste of, drinking Irish beer in Germany… yup!


They then took me to the Reeperbahn, which is their red light district, prostitutes and sex shops are everywhere. Just like home.


Apparently sex lives here.


A lot of places were closed as it was still quite early, it was only around 9pm but this is quite a famous street for many reasons! lots of strip bars, sex clubs, gay bars and transvestite bars.


Strangely a lot of famous bands had frequented this area and the Beetles basically “made it” because of the area.


We decided not to bother with the really seedy bars and went into a nice transexual bar for some shots. We decided 2 each was a good starter, these are “Mexicans” Tomato juice, spirits and hot chilli sauce, kind of like a bloody mary but stronger. Now I’m drinking a Mexican in Germany… what is this place?!


We then decided to go home at around 12 pm as everyone was tired, but we found another bar when we got off the train, so back on the beers it was! I really enjoyed the banana beer so took another one of those.


and at around 1.30 am we decided to have some more food, Pizza this time!


That was it really, after a few drinks I headed back to my hotel and had a lovely sleep as I had my flight home the next day. =(

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