My Geeky Trip to Germany – Day 3 – Thermaltake.

So Day 3 started off a little sad =( We had to say goodbye to Aleksander and Atila from, It won’t be the last I see of these guys though, I plan on going to Serbia at some point this year to work with them as they are both really nice guys and have a lot of great ideas and also a lot of knowledge about products.


I also had to say bye to my Aquatuning / Alphacool family boo, again, I will hopefully be able to visit again soon and play with some more products! we had to wait a little while in between the PCAXE guys going and my train, so we just had a coffee and I, of course, sampled a new German beer.



After it was time for me to get on my train, As you can tell Eddy was sad to see me go haha.


So, that was it, I was alone in Germany for the firs time and I had to get to Hamburg station, luckily the guys had already helped me a lot in getting there so it wasn’t a hard trip. I did see a double decker train though… A DOUBLE DECKER TRAIN!?! WHAT IS THIS MADNESS!?


I had to change stations and had around a 20 minute transfer time…. obviously, this was beer time yet again. The thing that stood out the most for me with this beer was that there were actually people smoking inside the bar which is no longer allowed in the UK. You forget how horrible your clothes smell after being inside a pub where smoking is allowed. The beer was good though so that is all that matters.


So I arrived at Hamburg station and Martin my friend from Thermaltake came to meet me. The original idea was for us just to go drinking, watch DeadPool and then do some more drinking, but he mentioned that he needed to give me something from the Tt office so we headed to there!


Martin decided to give me a small tour of the building before we went to find what the item he had for me the warehouse is full from floor to ceiling of products, thousands of cases, thousands of fans, keyboards, mice, mouse mats, pretty much any product Tt sells is there so it was pretty awesome to see.


There was also a small area to show some of the past Tt products, do you recognise any? I actually have a Tt Tai-Chi in my loft!


We didn’t stay too long but I was shown a product or two which I simply cannot talk about yet. A lot of people will be happy though I think, I was also given some products that were for my next build that will be part of a competetion for bit-tech sponsored by Scan and Thermaltake.


We left Tt HQ and headed to Martins apartment, we had a beer and played a strange game on his projector called “You Don’t Know Jack!” we played best out of 3, and of course I kicked his ass.


An hour later, we were on the train again so that we could go drinking! YAY! Peter “L3P” Brands set me a challenge before I came to Germany to drink 10 beers. I had already done this, but Martin knew a bar that sold 8 beers that they actually brew themselves, here is the brewery part of it.


so, we went there. We ordered a burger and started on the drinks.


We managed 5 before we ran out of time, but then we had to leave.

Beer 1 – Zwickel
Beer 2 – pilsner
Beer 3 – lager
Beer 4 – red beer
Beer 5 – pale ale


So, now it was DeadPool time, we watched the film in a pretty awesome cinema, there were reclining chairs and plenty of leg room and the film was awesome.


It is an awesome film, even RGBear loved it!!


As soon as we had finished, we decided to go back to the bar we were at previously to ensure that we could finish the home brewed beer list, we had the other beers, then the whisky and then grabbed some more food, the food was beautiful. I had like a beef donner meat with some curry sauce wrapped in a spicey tomato wrap. No idea what it is called and apparently curry sauce isn’t the right thing to have with it, but it was very good.


We also walked through an area that was very leftwing, with this building being a “safe place” for pretty much anyone who they deem acceptable, it was pretty strange!


So then it was the last few beers at the bar (and a cheeky whisky) and then we decided to go back to Martins apartment to drink

Beer 6 – IPA
Beer 7 – Senatsbock
But beer 8 – Astra
Beer 9- Cant remember the name :/
Beer 10- Warsteiner


we continued to drink for far too long, but no different beers and ended up going to sleep at around 6 am. Which would usually be fine, but I had a meeting with another company at 3 PM and I needed to leave at around 12 PM to ensure I could drop off my bags and stuff at my hotel before I got there.

So, that was it for the day, from me, Martain and RGBear… CHEERS! oh, and Peter… 11 beers for you please 😉


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