My Geeky Trip to Germany – Day 2 – Alphacool.

Day 2 is already over!!! Damn, this trip is going fast!! Today I visited Alphacool and met the people behind the water blocks and learnt how they were measured, learnt about how they do their quality control, saw some new products, some I will be showing soon, some I am not allowed to talk about (but they are pretty awesome!).

So, the day started at 6.30am, I got ready and went for breakfast with Atila and Aleksander from, they have come from Serbia and Hungary to here and they are awesome guys! I, of course, took RGBear!


We then got picked up in the awesome green and black Porsche that the owner of Alphacool/Aquatuning uses, it is a pretty awesome car, this thing is crazy! The PCAXE guys decided it was like a Power Rangers car, and that is what we called it 😀  It was around a 1hr 45-minute drive down an autobahn to Alphacool from where we were staying, but the Power Ranger car and the company made the time fly! We soon all arrived.


Inside it was pretty humble but very well done, there was everything the guys needed to research, develop and fix water blocks, radiators, reservoirs and other products. We took a look at some new products which I will be posting pictures of as soon as I get more time to edit them and then we saw some other products that we were not allowed to take pictures of or even mention them to you. I think you guys will like them though!


I will do a post about the insides of Alphacool in the future, and the PCAXE guys recorded a video of me walking around showing things off in English, so I will post that too in the next few weeks.

After, they owner took us out for lunch! Thank You!


I had a pretty awesome duck and noodles…


Washed down with a few of these – this was a really nice beer.


Once we had filled our bellies with the food and drink, we went to play laser tag (or back when I was a lad, Quasar!). Before it started though, we were allowed a free round of drinks if the owner of Alphacool,  Nathaniel, could go around the counter on a tiny bicycle. Unfortunately, he failed… boooo!


It was interesting as all instructions were in German, the commands to start, stop, tell us when everyone was dead etc etc, were in German and we found ourselves team killing …. A LOT! We still won though woooohoooo! The course was pretty fun though.


No sooner than we won the Lazer tag, Nathanial was taking us  back to a bar for more food, beer and socialising. This time, I took some chicken wings and legs…


and some nutella filled pancakes with banana, kiwi, chocolate and strawberry sauce!


Oh, and more beers naturally!


So, that is it for tonight! I will be doing a more detailed post about Alphacool as mentioned already, but it is getting late and I need to be up early in the morning again, unfortunately, Alexander and Atila will be flying back home in the morning and I will be leaving for Hamburg! So, for keeps sake, here is a picture of myself acting a fool as always, the guys from PCAXE and a few of the Alphacool guys.

The drive back to the hotel was one to remember, no speed limit, but heavy snow makes for interesting driving! Right, I must go to sleep!


 There is always time for one last beer though no?


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