My Geeky Trip to Germany – Day 1 – Aquatuning.

So Today I woke up at 3 am, had a quick bath and got the shuttle to my airport, it was only 5 minutes away, but I had a few bags and it was raining, but I didn’t let it dampen my spirits, it was Germany day!!! Boarding the flight was a strange one…. there were only 12 of us on the flight!!! It meant we could all get 2 seats each to stretch out – Nice!


Of course RGBear wanted to look out of the window the whole way!


So I landed in Hannover 25 minutes early, left the departure gate and was greeted by 2 Aquatuning colleagues, one was carrying a large glass and beer for me… 10 am breakfast beer!


We had a breif tour of Aquatuning, the two guys from PCAXE.COM recorded it all, so when they have finished editing I shall post it up, but basically, it’s a large warehouse with over 150 tonnes of liquid cooling… 150!!!! There are boxes of fittings, radiators, tubing, pumps, reservoirs and other things you wouldn’t expect like… sweets! We were asked if we would like to try and do a quick build into a be quiet! silent base 600 case, of course we said yes. We only had a few hours though, around 4, and by the time we had figured out how we were going to mount the products we wanted to use, most of our time was gone. we were doing some nice little mods with the Dremel and drill that they provided us with though, so we were happy.


But not 100% happy… so we grabbed all the tools we thought we would need, some products we thought we would need and jumped into the car to take it all to my hotel room to try and finish it off! It was a very tight squeeze, but we managed to fit.


On the way we stopped off at McDonalds as a lot of the restaurants shut on a Monday (why? I have no idea!). This burger was awesome. Best burger I have had from a McDonalds! Nom Nom Nom, oh, and they also had cheese cake and confectionary stuff!


So, we got back to the hotel room and started to mod some more!


We got so close, but so far… unfortunately due to our rushing when at Aquatuning, we forgot a few things we needed, we were doing so well also, although it looks a mess of cables and tubing and such, the loop was pretty much complete and all we needed to do was sort out the mess. It would have been nice to get a full day on this build rather than a few hours, but hey, we did what we could with the time we had. Hopefully in the morning we can get a hour to play with it again somewhere. Who knows?!


For now though, I am going to bed and dreaming of 1-litre cans of beer, it’s been a long day, 21 hours awake, with travel, modding and socialising involved! Night Night!


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  1. Hey, Dave,

    my name is Jo, and I write to you, because today i just talked with Eddy about your visit at Aquatuning and Alphacool. I said to Eddy, that I would have liked to show you my almost finished work on a Corsair C70 olive, for hearing your opinion. I followed some of your recent works,and found them tremendous- thats why i would like to get in contact with you. Maybe you remember my first post on Aquatuning/Facebook- the monstrous Black/alumic empty Phanteks Primo case, where I just mounted everything possible outside, called- “This is not a mod” from beginning of december- the new project is quite different.

    So, if you find time and interest- that would be cool.
    Thanks, anyway, and have a good time!


    Facebook: Bjpc Create Own Limits


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