My Geeky Trip to Germany – Day 0

Well, I am currently in my hotel room, less than half a mile away from the airport waiting to fall asleep ready to meet the guys and gals at Alphacool. I have been looking forward to this for a while now so I am excited to go! For now though, I am here (with RGBear – my teddy companion). I was going to play some games, but I thought that would keep me awake, typing usually tires me out 😀


So, I thought I would somewhat document where I am going, what I am doing and the reason for my trip, if I don’t do a great deal, I won’t post here, but I am sure I will find something interesting each day!

So basically, I was asked by one of my sponsors, Alphacool, if they could drag my fat ass to them for a few days to look at some of their new products, have a play with some of their older products that I havn’t used yet, meet some of the other members of the Alphacool family and drink some beer. As a large fan of all of the above particuarly drinking beer, I of course said yes, as did a fellow modder, tech lover, and fellow hairy guy, Александар (Alexander) and his friend Atila, both from Serbian website Although I have only spoken to Alexander a few times and only recently been introduced to him through Alphacool, we seem to have a similar sense of humour, taste in tech and love of beer, so what can go wrong!?

So, if you have any questions for Alphacool, just let me know and I will do my best to get them answered and then post them up here soon!

Right, so thats the plan of action, for now though I am going to enjoy my suprisingly decent hotel room considering how cheap it was. bit of a dodgy chair, but the rest of it is niiiice!


hmmm, I have my MSI laptop with me, that looks like a computer desk to me 😉


Not bad at all!

So, thats it for now, I will hopefully write something else tomorrow and add some pics and such!


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