MSI Hermes Backpack Review

So, I grabbed everything that I usually carry with me and then realised a lot more could be fit in, so I searched my house and found a load of MSI goodies that I have gained from numerous events! Here is the bag completely filled with my “essentials”.


If I went a little silly, I could have actually fit more stuff in this bag but I filled it as much as I could without forcing it in or squeezing it in.


In the rear apartment, as mentioned I put my laptop in, inside its protective case.


As well as this I was able to fit in my charger and mouse.


In the middle compartment I fit a load of “essential” stuff!


So, I fit a T-shirt, a small bag, a jacket, a cap, a towel and also my dragon. Obviously I always carry around a dragon with me. Dragons are awesome.


I also managed to fit a lot into the front compartment!


In the front compartment I had my 8″ tablet, my 10.1″ tablet, my large power pack to keep everything jucied up, a Cooler Master Rapid-I keyboard (lets face it, as good as the laptop keyboard is, nothing compares to a mech) a notepad and a pen. I also managed to fit my Team OcUK tee in.


One of the most important pockets is this side pocket. It holds an emergency beer!


On the other side there is a small pocket which can fit many small items in, such as keys, or change or more importantly, Haribo


So, all this in a laptop bag? blimey, that will do me nicely!



You might have noticed the Overclockers T-shirt in a few of the pictures. It’s not a mistake, the reason is that not only can the range of Notebooks be found here, the bag can be found too. It is priced at £89.99 inc VAT which is pretty expensive, but I personally think it is worth it if you travel a lot and want to keep your expensive notebook in.


Many pockets

Lots of padding

Adjustable straps

Very comfortable

Excellent quality

Fits large laptops and other equipment in

Can hold a dragon


Price – I think it is very good value, but I know some people would be worried about paying £89.99 for a bag. Don’t be, it’s worth it.

Final words

I have to say a huge thanks to MSI Notebooks for sending me the bag, I really appreciate it. I was worried about doing a small review about it as regardless of how I gained the product I review objectively and if I found anything wrong with it I would have said so. As it happens, I am very relieved that it is an excellent product.

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