MSI Hermes Backpack Review

I have been doing a lot of travelling lately and I have been taking my GS70 2QE STEALTH PRO – Silver Edition every where I go. I am loving this laptop, being able to play games at full settings whilst sat waiting in airports or whilst sat on the train has been awesome! My only mistake is not buying one earlier! Anyway, I did have a laptop bag from MSI, but in a rush at the airport I managed to rip off the zip on the front pouch which wasn’t my best idea! I mentioned it to one of the MSI Notebook team so that they could tell me off appropriately, but instead of giving me some well deserved  dressing down, they instead said they would sort me out a new bag! – Thanks guys!

The next day this bag arrived and due to them being so nice to me, I thought I would do this very quick review of it and see how well it will suit me!


Branding on the bag is very minimal, It has a small MSI dragon Gaming Series logo on the front of it and simple MSI text on the zips, but other than that, there is very little to tell you its an MSI bag. It is black with red detail which is a tell tale sign though!


Each of the compartments has two zips, each one with a hole though it, so if need be, you could actually lock them.


The rear of the bag is VERY padded. I didn’t measure it, but i would say it has around 25mm worth of padding between the laptop pouch and your back. The adjustable straps are also padded which makes it extremely comfortable.


I have no idea what these things are on bags, but this bag has them, I have clipped things to them before on my Vango bag, maybe that’s the idea? Regardless, I like the extras. Maybe one day I will figure them out! 😀


There is also a strap that can go around your waist, luckily it is adjustable just like the actual shoulder straps, so it will easily fit around my beer belly.


The rear also says I have also being conscripted to be in the MSI DRAGON ARMY! I didn’t realise this until I went through my pictures, but it looks like I could be called to battle at any moment!


The bag has 3 main compartments and two smaller pockets on the side. The first of the compartments has a small zipped section, a mesh section and 3 card holder type pockets. This section can also hold quite a lot other items as you will see shortly.


The second section has a large zipped mesh section and then a document folder type section, which would be great for paper work, this can actually be unzipped so that you can get into the rear compartment.


The rear compartment is where the magic happens. This is where I put my laptop. It fits my 17″ laptop in easily with quite a bit of space to spare. Usually I wouldn’t put anything else in here with my laptop, but it is possible as will be seen shortly.


So let’s see what we can fit inside.

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