In Win Mod In Taiwan – HUUUUGE Thank You to ALL!

Well, the blog didn’t go so well when I was in Taiwan! The schedule was pretty hectic and there was that many media partners there, sharing their posts on my facebook wall was far quicker for me. However, this is definitely a post that I wanted to write. It isn’t often that I write posts with so much heart behind them and I don’t even know if it will come across in writing. I want to thank certain people for making the trip what it was – awesome. Even though I was hospitalised for 3 nights, it somehow made it a little more special as I got to see exactly how awesome everyone who attended the event was and also how much the community pulled together, even those that I don’t even know! If you haven’t already read me and Daniel managed to get the “In Win Choice Award” which is the one we were aiming for, the prizes are, well, outstanding.


First and foremost, Daniel Harper – Thanks for having me as your team mate! I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to go to Taiwan if it wasn’t for you selecting me as your partner, I appreciate immensely. There are some awesome modders in the UK and I was surprised when I was selected. Nothing more is needed here really, but cheers.. you TW@.


Secondly, I would like to thank the other modders, these guys all pulled together to help each other right down to the last second. Stuart Tonks and Ryan Hooper were lending us tools, giving us self-tappers in the last minutes that enabled us to finish on time – Cheers guys! Well, after the event, I was taken Ill and had to go to the hospital. This is where the teams really pulled together, I was taken to a vegetarian hospital, I mean, WHAT!? Well, each day, someone visited and bought me some kind of meaty goodness (ooh – er). It really was awesome of them to take time out and visit me. Below we have the Swedish team, Justin and Bjorn, the very pretty NL rep, Kate and the not so pretty, but equally awesome American team, Rod and Bob. (I think Bob has a foot fetish, I don’t think I mind that he does. 😉 )

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They are not the only folks to visit, most of the rest of the guys came too, they also made sure that I was ok often via messenger, their concern was noted and it is just so humbling to meet guys for the first time that really are amazing.  When they released me from the hospital my leg was still in quite a bad way and I couldn’t walk on it very well. The infection had gone down a lot and the cellulitis too, but the pain was still there. Rod was a huge help here and came back to the Hospital to push me around! he literally wasted a whole day just chaperoning me around. Thanks man!


It certainly wasn’t just the modders in these pictures that made me feel better though, I kept my spirits high because of all of them showing concern, I couldn’t go anywhere without them stopping me and making sure I was ok and didn’t need anything! So, to all of you, thanks guys <3


Now. moving on to the In Win staff… I am not actually sure where to start here. I have never been to a company where ALL of the staff are so great, I am not just saying it to blow smoke up their bums, but they just all do everything they can to make sure you are getting what you want. They treat each other great and more importantly they seem to enjoy what they are all doing. There are one or two people I want to name personally as they helped me so much.

I will start with the ugly one first, Justin – he is our UK rep and basically chaperoned us around, told us off when we needed it and kept the cogs running smooth. He ensured that we were drinking over 9000 litres of water a day and did a great job despite what we tell him!


Secondly Kate, she always looks after me and makes sure I am happy and she does a great job making sure that we have everything we need. We always have a laugh when we meet and this was no different – Thanks Princess!


The second pretty lady is Katherine, I don’t seem to have any pictures of her other than when we are eating, but basically Katherine was like a personal nurse for me! She took me to the doctors, then Hospital number 1, then we drove to Taipei to Hospital number 2! She stayed with me the whole day translating for me and basically doing everything for me. She wouldn’t let me even take my shoes off by myself as she didn’t want me in any pain. She truly is like an angel. A lot of the guys were jealous that I had her with me for so long but hey, I guess every cloud has a silver lining! haha. Thank you!


These two are a package deal, you get one, you get the other one too, they were both really cute and funny, every time you walked past one of them they would make sure you were giggling, Irene and Angeline, you are both awesome! Thanks!!!


Finally, the boss lady, the Terminator, the legend – Nelly! This lady is the one that gets things done, anything she says goes and she makes everything work. She made sure that everything we needed was there and made sure that we were all safe and well. When I was ill, I didn’t want to go to the hospital, but Nelly said to go and there is just no arguing with her, I wouldn’t dare! Having said that, she is also very kind, sincere and really does put her staff and friends first. Nelly made sure that the hospital I was in was good, she knew one of the specialists at the hospital I was in and she rang him and asked him to come and see me too! She also asked her father to come and check up on me to make sure that I was ok when she could not come in herself, how many bosses do you know that would do that?!! So Nelly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. You turned my unlucky situation into something that really showed how good the company you work for is. I hope your Chairman is proud of you all as he certainly should be.


So, yeah, these are basically all the TW In Win staff that helped us for the time we were there, you are all a credit to your company and I can only hope that one day I work for a company like In Win, you all seem to be proud to work for them and In Win are lucky to have such hard working, fun staff who will go above and beyond to ensure that everything is as good as you can possibly make it!


So, yeah, as you can tell, I am very thankful for the whole experience. I didn’t expect to take so much away from going to Taiwan and when seeing the prize list and seeing how awesome the prizes that we won are, nothing compares to the people I have met, the love they have shown, the new friends I have made and the hope to meet them all again. Seriously, I can’t think of a way to show how greatful I am other than saying again – Thank You.


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