In Win Mod In Taiwan Day 0, travelling!

It was time to leave the UK for a while to compete in the In Win Mod In Taiwan event, we were up at 8am, packed our bags, got to the airport and jumped on a huge Emirates A380 to take us to Dubai for our connection.

RGBear was with us of course and was checking out the view… we would soon be in the air!


The UK In Win rep Justin was with us the whole way to ensure that we didn’t get or do anything silly, well, he tried his best anyway….


Landing in Dubai 6.5 hours later we were all in need of lots of coffee, luckily there were ample places where we could find such beverages.


Jumping on the next flight for 8.5 hours finally got us to Taiwan, a short journey later and we were at our hotel.


Whilst in Dubai, we were shouted by 2 people… We met 2 of the competition, the Blass brothers!! these guys are really nice so it was great to get some time with them.


Walking into the rather swanky hotel, we were greeted with a nice display, quite a nice touch!


We landed at the hotel at 6.10 PM local time, which is 11 am UK time, so we had been awake for 27 hours already, sleeping on the plane just didn’t work, so we were all ready for our bed…. however… we had a lovely tasty meal to attend first. I am not sure what most of the stuff I was eating was, and they provided us with a fork, but I went all out with the chopsticks!


This dish basically cooked itself in front of you, it was rather tasty!


Whilst we were eating, the local beer was flowing, it was quite refreshing in the warm climate and weak enough to be able to drink it to excess. During this time, everyone introduced themselves, all the teams, sponsors and staff. We were given our T-shirts and also given some rather exclusive NVIDIA GEFORCE GARAGE case badges! 


A little later on in the evening, we moved to the bar and had a few stiffer drinks to ensure we slept well.


Some of the media partners. eTeknix, Hexus and Bit-tech were here from the UK to ensure that they paid our bar tab, um, I mean cover the event for the UK media!

That was pretty much the first day, I decided to go to bed at around 2 am local time, which meant well over 30 hours awake, but already we were all getting on well, everyone was friendly and we knew we were going to have a great time!! 5.5 hours until we needed to be up was a little intense though!

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