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So, I am going to Taiwan thanks to In Win! I know, I know, a lot of you know already, but hey, I am excited! I am going to be posting as many updates as I can just before and when I am there to show what we are doing and what we get up to. I will hopefully be able to have a look to see what new products are due to come out too! So, now you know I am going, here is why….

I and Daniel Harper (B NEG) are going to Computex 2016 to compete against another 7 modding teams, each made up of 2 modders from their country. Dan was picked due to his previous excellent work with In Win and he then chose me as his partner in crime so that he knew he would have a drinking buddy. In Win were for me to come along as I have worked with their products previously and I do hope to work with some more soon ūüėČ . The idea is that we have 24 hours (broken down into 3 8 hour days) to mod an In Win case as much as we can. It will then be voted on by people from media, manufacturers and the public. It is going to be a rather stressful to complete something and very hard to do something that really stands out, but hey, we will do our best! Although the modding will be at the forefront of our minds throughout, I cant help but be excited about meeting some of the other teams and some of the people who are going to be joining us for various reasons, I have been speaking to some of them for years so to finally meet them will be great.

so, here are the other teams:

Modded By Frenchies ‚Äď The french are taking Olivier ‚ÄėElladan‚Äô Maillet and Gregory ‚ÄėPhenom‚Äô Rousseau . Although I am not overly familiar with their names, a quick look around showed me plenty of mods that I recognise, they both look like they know their way around raw materials to create some awesome builds. Gregory was one of the modders that flew to Nanoxia HQ to help with the huge desk build.


BSMods – The Americans are taking two teams, the first one consists of ¬†Bob Stewart and Rod Rosenberg. These guys are very well known and are somewhat veterans compared to a few of the rest of us. They have been guests on LinusTechTips videos, they have done builds for huge shows and they have one advantage of working together all the time. Where you find Bob, you usually find Rod, so we know they are already a great team and work well together, me and Dan know each other well and have had many beers together, but we have never actually worked on a project together, we will need to get used to each others working methods whereas BSMods won’t.


Team Down Under –¬†The Australians¬†will have ¬†Stuart Tonks and Ryan¬†‘Karma’ Hooper. Ryan has built computers into pretty much everything you can think of, including a fridge and a banner for ASUS, he also built a very nice black and yellow computer called “resonance” which i remember seeing before. If you don’t know Stuart, then you have been under a rock, he is basically a computer building production line, I think he builds more computers in a year than I will do in a lifetime!!


SMPC Modding – ¬†Justin ‘Metallicacid’ Ohlsen and¬†Bj√∂rn ‘Nizr’¬†Hall have been sent from Sweden and are one of the teams that I will really be interested in seeing what they do. They make very nice clean, almost minimalistic computers which look awesome. These guys have both built builds that have made me envious. I have spoken to Justin on a few occasions and he has a similar silly sense of humour to me, I am sure we will find ourselves at the bar often.


Babetech – The Germans are sending the Blass brothers, Stefen and Martin. These guys create some crazy mods such as a Batmobile!!! Again, these guys have worked together a lot so know their strengths and weaknesses. They are both fantastic at fabricating anything you can imagine from a wide range of materials so it will be interesting to see what they can do in such a short time.


Team Mongoose –¬†Lee Harrington (PcjunkieMods) and Ron Lee Christianson (Blue Horse Studios) from the second team from the USA. These guys really are¬†yet 2 more names that I can’t wait to put faces to properly. Lee has been modding for years and has worked on some awesome projects, you will also notice him sneakily working in the background on a lot of videos for You Tubers or Hardware companies, giving his guidance when it is needed. Ron is one of the few people who make my jaw drop when I see a build, not that others are not as good or anything like that, but his computers are basically works of art when he gets his hands on some clay or an airbrush. He has built Iron man, Captain America themed PCs and my recent favorites his Star Wars themed PC’s. If you want to see awesome airbrush skills, look no further!


KuN Mod Studio –¬†The final team from China consists of Kun and Sreay. I will be quite honest here and admit I know nothing about these guys, I only have their first names to go from and I don’t really know where to look for their builds. No doubt they will be another crazy team though as Asia has a lot of talent so for these 2 to be picked must mean they must have something special.¬†

So, They are the teams, as you can see, some crazy talent to go up against,  Dan and myself really have our work cut out for sure. I am not really sure what we are going to build yet, we will just take it steady as per usual and hopefully we will create something that can be done in the very small amount of time that we have.  The main thing for us is the experience, to be part of the celebrations for In Win and to meet some people who we have only previously spoken to on forums and facebook. No doubt we will sink a few beers, eat plenty of food and have some good times, and that is what these blogs are for, to show our progress on the build and share our experiences.

The contest is sponsored by some great companies, I have most of them as my sponsors already, so it is great to carry on working with the same guys. ¬†These are the guys who are working with In Win to make this competition possible and as always I appreciate their support, without these folks, I wouldn’t be modding and I certainly wouldn’t be going to Taiwan!

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So, that is it for now, there isn’t much I can say at the moment as we don’t want to give away any of our plans. So, with nothing else to do, it is going to be good by from me, Dave, from team Running with Scissors!




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