I Went to Holland to See In Win and Meet Some Fellow Modders!

Here is my first “blog” type post, I don’t know how many of these I will do, or how often, but I wanted to add something a little more personal than just my mods and reviews.  This will be my most recent experience in the world of computing, going to Holland!!!

This started with my computer on the In Win stand at Insomnia 55, whilst it was there, one of the lovely reps asked if they could use it for a show in Holland for a few days. I of course accepted as I love to show off my work and I like to show my appreciation to the companies I work with!

So, I packed my In Win 909 up, and sent her to Kate in Holland! Bye Bye 909!!! At this time, I hadn’t even thought to ask what event it was going to or where etc. Then whilst chatting to Kate about the build, I said “aaaah, it’s a shame I couldn’t come over and see it on display there, I’ve never been to Holland!!”  Her reply… “You should come!”  I had enough hours holiday, found cheap flights and hotels and decided screw it, I’m going!

I flew into Amsterdam as I wanted to see what all the fuss was about there. As soon as I landed I think I must have done something wrong. I was pulled out of the queue for the passport check and they scanned my fingerprints, took a copy of my passport and checked my bags!! I am not sure what I did that made them single me out, but it was a very quick process with them telling me after not to worry! I have never had this happen before, but hey, I was allowed out, and it was quicker than waiting in line for the normal passport people! The first thing I saw when leaving the airport was the I AMsterdam sign! Not the one that everyone climbs on though, I saw that the following day!


I jumped on a random bus, hoping it was going to Amsterdam city, unfortunately it wasn’t, it was going to Amstelveen, ooops! I had a very quick walk around the area the bus station was here, but couldn’t see anything interesting really. Another bus with Amsterdam CS pulled up, so I jumped on that. I had no clue what CS stood for, but I thought I would just CS:GO.

It dropped me off around 4 mile away from my hotel, so after just over a hours walk I was in this lobby! It had loads of chandeliers and low hanging lights, it was pretty nice! The rooms were pretty decent too for the price!


I just wanted to drop my bags off, have a shower, get changed and head out into the city though, so I booked a cab and got sorted. I jumped into the cab and just said “where ever is popular please buddy, I have never been to Amsterdam, so I want to have a mooch around!”

He just said ” Red light district it is!”

I didn’t argue.

I had a brief walk around the district, but it wasn’t really my cup of tea. It was certainly an experience, and maybe if I was with a rowdy group of mates, or something it would have been more of a laugh, but I think it would have been quite desperate of me to go into any of the clubs/bars on my own as most of the clientele seemed to be groups of men, women or couples. I did snap a picture of the Banana Bar though as it was recommended by some friends.


After here, I plodded around a little bit, found some bars and coffee shops and realised I was rater tired! I decided to go back to the hotel so I could get a good night sleep and be up early ready to go to Rotterdam.

When I woke up, I had another walk around Amsterdam and found the Heineken brewery. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to have a tour (or a beer!) but it was nice to see regardless – maybe next time huh?!


I managed to get to Rotterdam without too much trouble and found my hotel after a while! It was pretty late, so I just found some nice food, had a beer or three and went to bed ready for the event the next day.

I woke up early and grabbed a cab to Informatique Gaming Days, its a small event held by a computer shop, but it has many manufactures attending such as ASUS, MSI, LG, Logitech and of course In Win.

First thing I had to do was prep my computer, I sent it over with just diaonised water, but to make it a little bit more special, I thought I would add some Mayhems Aurora II.


The other guys had already set their builds up and they all looked great!


Throughout the day a lot of Dutch modders came to visit! It was great so see see some of the people I had spoken to online for years!

 Here I am with some rather talented modders from Holland! I had an awesome time with them all, and a huge thanks to In Win for getting us all together!


Front row: Myself, Peter “L3P” BrandsRichard “DBR” Prins,  Femke “FAT” Toele, Tenzin

Second row: Kate (In Win Rep) Tim “Hukkel” Warning and Yorick (In Win Rep)

12195757_10153413642218445_1218159254501995092_n 12195757_10153413642218445_1218159254501995092_n (1)

 I also met Richard “Kier” Keirsgieter .

It was a honor to meet these guys and gals, they were all really nice and I hope to meet them all again soon, this time at a bar though!! Speaking of bars, a few of us went for a meal on the first evening.


I had the biggest calzone pizza ever!


Then, we all had to go to bed ready for the next day, but first… let us take a selfie.

In Win represent!


The second day at the event was very similar to the first, lots of fun, lots of chatting to people and lots of people looking at our computers!


After the event everyone was pretty tired, but Tim said that he would give me a quick look around Rotterdam! The day before, I found a transformer, but no one believed me, so I took Tim to see it!


Next, we found a rather large fountain, in the middle of a round about.


And finally Tim took me to see the Old City Hall. I really liked this building, I would totally live there.


Well, that was pretty much it, nothing too crazy happened, but I had an awesome time. A huge thanks to In Win for inviting me along and to Tim and Richard for picking me up and dropping me off and to the other modders who came along, it was great to meet you all!

All that remained was to fly back to the UK. Booooo!



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