About Me

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Hi! I’m Dave, more commonly called davido_labido around the internet, and I am here just to play around with tech as much as I can. I build custom modded computers for display stands and also try my hand at the odd review.

Although modding is a new passion of mine it has certainly become my favorite. It seems that I am relatively good at it too! I have gained many Sponsors which enable me to pump out the builds. I have also won a few awards such as Mod of the month awards from Bit-Tech as well as being featured in Custom PC magazine!

My first build was certainly my favourite, it was certainly my most nerve racking. I hadn’t ever built a custom loop system before, sure i’d built basic systems, but I had never introduced liquid to them. Thanks to the awesome guys at OcUk I was actually guided and helped through what to buy and after using their forums for a lot of help I managed to create a build that I was really proud of. It doesn’t look much now, but to me _______ was my baby.

This build gained a little bit of attention that allowed me to build H2Orange. This was on two stands at insomnia and also won Mod Of The Month at Bit-tech.net. It was also seen on the BBC during a small story about eSports!

This build got me noticed by a lot of companies and is certainly one that I owe a lot to. I have made hundreds of friends, contacts and aquaintences through H2Orange, she will always have a special place in my heart.

I had cought the modding bug and BitFenix released a new case and wanted me to do something with it, Pandora’s Purple Box then started. This build has been on numerous stands at Insomnia and also to EGX 2015! Once again, it won Mod Of The Month at Bit-tech.net and was also featured in Custom PC!

During building Pandora’s Purple Box, I was introduced to a great ASUS rep. He was impressed with what I had created in a short time and needed a build doing quickly for Computex Taiwan 2015. This was the start of  Project: Unity. This was a huge build for me, I had the first InWin 909 out of the factory, way before it was announced and before it even had proper branded packaging! The Hardware was insane and it’s the first build I have sent overseas, it certainly wasn’t the only event this build has done though. From June 2015 to November 2015, the build has gone to 7 different events, including EGX, DremHack, Insomnia and also to Informatique PC Gaming Day in the Netherlands!