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So you have made it this far, so I am assuming you are interested in the software, well price wise, it is free! Yup, that is right, if you have any Corsair products that are able to use the link 4 software you can just download it and use it. Can’t get better than free right? The products that benefit best from the software such as the H100i and the digital PSU’s actually come with everything you need to get started, if you do want to have full control over everything, such as all fans, temperature sensors and ram, you will have to buy additional hardware.



Gives quick and easy monitoring over many aspects of your system including cooling, performance and more.

Gives control over LEDs on your AIO cooler or if yo use the Commander Mini also the RGB LEDs.

Full log file support enabling you to troubleshoot problems easier.

Gives you full control and monitoring over Digital PSU’s such as the AXi or HXi series.

Very easy to use.

Full control of your PC.


Non-uniform connectors for the hardware, it would be nice for all of the hardware to use the same connector to enable the commander to control everything straight out of the box.

Would be nice to see a live efficiency reading for the PSU. It would be easy to implement as it is a simple equation.

Final Thoughts

Well, I was asked to look at Link 4 because I have been critical of the other versions, I have seen many people asking for support for them and quite frankly, I have never seen the appeal when there were other options that worked just as well for checking temperatures and also controlling LEDs and fan speeds. Ok, there was no good all in one solution, but at least, there was a way to do it that worked. The support for the digital PSU’s seemed far more clunky and to top it off, anyone using Windows 10 wouldn’t be able to use Link 3 at all.  Now, if you are using multiple Corsair products, I think you would be silly NOT to use Corsair Link 4. It really has changed my view on how I keep an eye on my system. The extra control over the PSU is fantastic, being able to see exactly how much power is being used and where the power is going is great and then to give us the ability to be able to log absolutely everything really does give users a unique way to keep track of everything.

The design of the new Link 4 software is so much better than the previous versions of Link it is obvious that the developers must have realised they had problems previously, it is far more streamlined, far less clunky and now doesn’t look like it belongs with windows 98.

I hate to write only positive things about a product, it does make it seem like I am being biased, but I am actually just very impressed by what I have seen. I am actually going to be swapping my current PSU out of my PC for the AX 1200i. I never thought that I would be convinced to change hardware just because of the software that is available to use with it.

Design: 4/5

Aesthetics: 4/5

Usability: 5/5

Value: 5/5

Features: 5/5

Total: 23/25

The Corsair Link 4 software has left the previous versions far behind with features refreshed, looking great and more importantly, working. The user now has full control over pretty much al of their hardware from one single piece of software. Fans, LEDs, AIO Cooler, Hardware Temperatures, Power Load, CPU load and more can be controlled and monitored. Would I use previous versions of Link? well, no. Would I use Link 4? Absolutely, the more control for the user the better.

Thank you to Corsair for providing the Hardware for this review.

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