Hands On With Corsair Link 4 Software

All of the screens that we have used so far are accessed from the “Home” tab, but as you have probably noticed, we also have some other tabs, Configure, Profile, Options and Graphing, so let’s take a look at these.

First, we will take a look at “Configure”. This is basically to help you visualise how your system is compared to all the temperature and fan monitoring. So when we first click it, we get something like this, a lot of monitoring tools down the left-hand side and an image of a case.


If you right click on the case, you can choose to change it to one of the many Corsair cases that are available, or if you prefer you can also browse for an image of your own computer from the file. I like this option the best as you can take a picture of your built system, then add it and your  pride and joy will be on show.


Once you have chosen your image, you can then drag and drop the sensors monitor to where it is in your system. this will leave you with something like this. As you can see it is far easier to visualise where every component is when it is set up like this.


The next tab along is “Profile”. These are basically quick controls to give you yet more control over your PC. You can choose between presets such as “Performance” which gives you better cooling, but a louder system, this is great for if you are going to be doing something such as gaming where you don’t mind the noise, but want a nice cool running PC. “Balanced”, which is a balance between cooling and noise, which is great for everyday use or alternatively you can choose “Quiet”, which, as I am sure you have guessed, puts fans at a slower speed, which makes the system quieter, but it may get a little warmer, this would be good for when you are watching a movie, so want to keep the noise down and you don’t really need the system extremely cool. You can also create your own profiles if you wish.


The next tab “Options” gives us a drop down box with 3 different selections. Settings, Devices and About.


“Settings” let us change settings such as the Language, the Skin and temperature unit. “Devices” lets us see which firmware our devices are using and “About” lets us check for updates for Corsair Link as well as some giving us some useful links.


Finally, we have “Graphing” which I think should be a little more prominent. This is an excellent part of the Link software that should not be overlooked.  Just clicking on it seems to give us the same as what we already have available on other screens, however, there is one excellent idea here that for some strange reason is actually Off by default. That is the “Log to file” option that is hidden away down the bottom right of the screen. This, as the name suggests logs any graphs that you want to keep an eye on to a .CSV file enabling us to keep track of our system continuously. The log file can keep track of temps, CPU usage, fan speeds, power usage and everything else Link 4 keeps an eye on.


If you click the “Configure” button, it is possible to choose which charts you want to see by just ticking or unticking the boxes next to the name. You can also select where you want your log file to be saved and give an


This is just a small part of one of the log files that I created whilst checking out the Link 4 software. needless to say, it works very well and if your computer was to shut down randomly, if it was due to temps or PSU related, you have a lot more information than the standard user. I have attached a full log file HERE if you wish to see for yourselves how much information you can actually get from the log file.

So that is almost it for the actual link 4 software, this is the last screenshot for you, this, yet again, is just showing you just how much control you have, even without opening the full Link 4 software, you can see a wide range of information as well as changing the profile of your cooling. very handy if you just want to change something very quickly.


Now you have seen pretty much all the software that I am able to show currently. Let’s have a quick round up of it and I can give you my thoughts on using the software and conclude this somewhat larger than expected article.

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