Hands On With Corsair Link 4 Software

This is something a little different from me, I don’t usually review software, but Corsair mentioned that they had new version of the  Link software, Link 4. I mentioned I didn’t think I would be the best person for it as I hated the previous software, it was buggy, riddled with issues and caused more problems than it solved in my opinion. Corsair told me that due to this, I was exactly what they were looking for, they wanted to change my opinion of the software and try and convince me it is now worth it. A hard sell!

Corsair sent me some products to help me with this, a Corsair AX1200i digital PSU, some Corsair RGB LEDs, a Link Commander and also a Corsair H100i. These all have the “Corsair LINK” logo on the package so we can assume that they all work well with the new Link 4 software. The logo can be seen below.


So, let’s have a very quick look at the hardware side of things before we actually look at the Link software. I added a set of Dominator Platinum and a Neutron XT SSD so all I needed was a motherboard and a GPU.


First up I want to show you the Corsair Commander Mini, as the name suggests, this is a small unit that helps to ‘command’ your multiple Link enabled Corsair products,  It has 4 Link Digital connection headers, 4 temp sensor headers 6 fan headers and an LED header for the RGB strips.


The Commander mini comes with 4 temperature sensors as well as one digital link cable and 4 fan extension cables.


The Corsair Link RGB LED Lighting Kit (purchased separately) also comes with connectors which plug straight into the commander unit, giving you control of them via the Link 4 software.


We have all seen a Corsair modular PSU, but the difference with the Digital series is that we get a Comm Port, this really does open a whole host of features with the Link 4 software which I will go into later.


You can use the PSU with the link 4 software without having the Commander Mini due to the Included Corsair Link Digital unit and a cable to connect it to the PSU, the other end of the Corsair Link Digital unit connects to your motherboard via internal USB header. If you do have a Commander Mini, then you can connect the PSU straight to it by using one of the Corsair Digital Link headers.


Corsair Dominator Ram can also be used with Corsair Link, however, I realised that the connectors on the ram are different than any of the other connectors I had available, after some research I found out that these are only compatible if you use the Corsair Airflow PRO. Not a major issue, but slightly annoying.

I also had the Corsair H100i V2 to use for this review, as the eagle-eyed of you might have noticed, this comes with a USB mini connector, so out of the box isn’t compatible with the Corsair Commander mini, but the H100i V2 does come with a cable to allow you to connect it to an internal USB header and you can also use an external USB to Mini USB cable if you do not have enough internal headers available.


You might have noticed that I mentioned the connectors a lot so far, and this so far is my only gripe with the Link-enabled products, they use many different connectors! Admittedly, I didn’t really research the Commander mini, but I expected everything to be able to be plugged into it directly, straight out of the box. So Cooler, PSU, Fans, Ram, LEDs, Temperature sensors and anything else that is released. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case and although I was able to use all of the products (except for the RAM) without purchasing anything additional, it just seems like Corsair missed an opportunity.

So, now we have had a quick look at the hardware, let’s do what we set out to do and look at the Link 4 software.

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