DXRacer Maximum Series Gaming Chair Review

So, I was at an event with the OcUK guys and they had all these fancy chairs on their stand. IIRC, they had the AK racer ones. As I’m a man of science, I made sure I spent a few hours sat down to ensure that the chairs were working ok ūüėČ . I did like these chairs and one thing really stood out for me… leather felt far better than fabric.

When I got home, I started to look into buying one and noticed that OcUK had actually got stock of DXRacer chairs!!! I had seen a few reviews about them recently asking what they were like, and they are something that I’ve always looked into, but didn’t want to order due to them being 300 euros and then you have to pay shipping, import tax and also handling charges and customs fees.

At OcUK they just short of ¬£275 its still a hefty price tag, but at least you know the cost straight away and it’s next day delivery. As mentioned, I’ve seen a few reviews about these but since I pulled the trigger one one I thought I’d take a few snaps and give you my thoughts!

I chose the DXRacer Maximum in black and orange (they didn’t have white and orange =( ) so, let’s have a look at it!

So, the box. it’s HUGE! and no handles, so do be careful when lifting, it’s not overly heavy, but it’s awkward!


Apparently this is better for gaming and working. Hopefully, I will be using it for gaming far more than work.


Upon opening the box we can ¬†its got a lot of protective foam sheets in, due to how well it’s packed in, it doesn’t particularly need to be thick, it certainly did a good enough job of protecting the product which is all that matters.


I’m not exactly sure why I was surprised, but every individual part of this chair is wrapped, maybe its because I’m used to spending a hundred quid on a chair that will only last me a few years and they just come in a box with some cardboard separating the layers…if you’re lucky. This shows that they really do want to get the product to us in a good condition.


This chair comes complete with ¬†a head rest and lumbar support to add a bit of comfort. I don’t know if I will use the headrest at all (I’m a short arse and generally sit with my head away from the chair) but the lumbar support does interest me. ¬†I have slouched for years and I think this will help stop me get a bad back after a long session working gaming and force me to correct my posture.


Even this starfish of doom, that looks suspiciously like a base, is not just wrapped once but twice for her protection. *

*possibly not a starfish, probably isn’t there to doom us.


You also get this unmarked box. I was slightly worried that it seemed to have breathing holes in.


Nope, nothing sinister, just a load of bits!


so, from left to right…

Dwarf golf clubs (paddles for the levers), 5 wheels, one of those flip out camping cups (a protector for the gaslift), a couple of bits of plastic (covers), some kind of detonation charge (the gaslift) and 2 little packs. One is instructions the other are 5 bits of plastic to put on the base as foot rests.


You also get a tool!! “AAAALL HAIL THE TOOL!!!” this meant I didn’t have to go rummaging around my toolbox to find the right sized allen key which is always nice.


Out of the bag, you can see that the chair does have a rather nice quality finish to it. Most of the complaints I’ve seen about the other brands of racing chair to do with the stitching being wonky, missing or fraying and the plastic covers bending and snapping, so I thought id grab some pics of the stitching first. I, unfortunately, failed my masters in embroidery and sewing, so I’m not exactly sure what to look for in “good quality” stitching, but all of it on this chair seems straight, tight and there are no loose ends! That’s got to be good right? It’s certainly good enough for me.


The multiple rows of stitching on the corners of the chair is very precise.


the stitching between the 2 different colours is almost invisible making for a rather nice finish overall.


And the edges of the chair, again have multiple rows of stitching and all of them are parallel and neat.



I thought I had better start to make this chair and see how easily it goes together.

First I got out the starfish of doom, urm, I mean base as per instructions.


Next, force the wheels, the plastic foot rests and the gas lift into the holes provided, some of these were quite tight, so you do have to give them a bit of a push.


I very much doubt I will ever use the foot rests, as mentioned I generally slouch, so my feet are quite far in front of me. They do add some nice colour to the base though, so for that alone I think they are worth it.


Next we have to attach the back of the chair to the bottom. Its as easy as pie, just line up the holes and use the tools and bolts provided to attach it. Simples.


The plastic covers then go on, as mentioned, people were complaining about some of the other brands being flimsy. Not with this bad boy. They have multiple lugs to ensure a good strong fit and the plastic is quite thick too, so it gives a nice strong finish. I don’t think I would dare to attempt to remove them again though, they certainly seem to become part of the chair and I fear attempted removal would break one of the plastic lugs.


Aaaah, yes. this handle. Now. I¬†should have explained above that 1 side of the bracket that holds the back of the chair to the bottom is loose whereas the other side isn’t. The side that isn’t loose has this handle attached to it. If I was you, I wouldn’t attempt to use this lever until you have finished fitting the back of the chair. This is a spring loaded lever of evilness that made the bracket I was trying to fit ¬†spring forward quite aggressively, once everything is together properly though, it’s perfectly fine. This lever enables you to raise and lower the back of the chair. It can go into a full lying down position.


Once you have added these, then it’s time to add this contraption to the bottom of the chair. Make sure you check the orientation. You can also add the two little levers to the bars provided.


Next just line up the hole of this part onto the gas lift on the base and add the headrest.


And also the lumbar support


So, the final product (apologies about them being in my kitchen, Its a rather large chair though, so I couldn’t really¬†find a blank backdrop). Also, it was late at night so I had to artificial lighting which does make the colours look incorrect.


The chair arms are able to be moved up, down, left, right forwards and backwards on the arm rest itself, and you can even undo the bolts under the chair and move them wider if you have a bigger frame.


Right, that’s pretty much it really! To wrap it up:

I will say that it’s a very high-quality chair. It’s comfortable and it does try and guide you onto a correct posture. It’s very sturdy and so far I am very impressed. ¬†*edit* I have had this chair for some time now and I still agree to this statement. It is an amazing chair and I even take it to events with me as I really do not want to use any chairs that are not to this standard.


Very sturdy
Very good looking
Bright oranges
Great Stitching
Lots of adjustment so you should be able to get comfortable pretty easy
quick and easy to build

A little bit pricey, but you do get what you pay for.

If you want a chair, and have the money then this is certainly something to look at. There is a large range of chairs available at overclockers.co.uk and I certainly haven’t tried them all, but if I had a choice again, I would certainly buy this one. To check out the range of chairs available, visit¬†Overclockers¬†here.

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    1. The arm rests are actually quite hard, I hadn’t given them a thought until you mentioned them though! They must me comfy enough for me not to ne annoyed by them!

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