My Computer Builds

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My first build!

Where it all started. Looking back at this build it’s pretty terrible but the hardware was pretty good for it’s time and I enjoyed it immensely. This was the first build I had ever water-cooled, ever modded, ever used spray paint with and ever sleeved cables. It might not be the prettiest, but it started my love of modding. It cost me a fortune to do and with me just moving house and having very little money, it meant that this was literally the only thing I could do. I had to give up any other activities to be able to do this build and I’m so glad I did.  Read More…


H2Orange was my first big build. It wasn’t planned, but I find the best things in life usually aren’t!

I was at an event with my previous build, which can be seen : Here. There I saw a computer on the XSPC stand. I really liked the build, but it wasn’t what I would have done with the case. I voiced my little issues with the build to the gentleman that was on the stand. He listened intently and let me give my list of criticisms. What I didn’t realise was that this guy actually made the computer and also worked for the XSPC. OOOOPS!

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Pandora’s Purple Box

Pandora’s Purple Box was meant to be a really quick build for BitFenix just to show off the case. It wasn’t meant to be anything special, just a simple air-cooled build just to show what the case can do. Needless to say, I went a bit crazy with it.

After having the case for just one hour, I was sending pictures to BitFenix of it in bits, I had drilled out all the rivets and started to invert the case. I knew then this build was going to be a bigger project than I thought.

Project: Unity

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Project: Otus