BitFenix Pandora ATX Review

So normally we would be on the conclusion with a rating and such, not this time though! I want to show you the difference between the two cases in terms of size. It just so happened I had a spare Pandora up the loft. Ok, it’s a little dusty but we can easily use it.
Straight away we can see a huge size difference the original Pandora had the following dimensions: 160 x 420 x 465mm and the one we looked at today is 203 x 510 x 558mm.


awwww, it is like a father and son!


I didn’t talk too much about the ICON display on this case and that is because it is very gimmicky, having said that I do like playing with it. so, the rear of the display looks like this. All that we need to be concerned about are the pins on the left-hand side of the picture, ensure these are plugged onto an internal USB header on the motherboard and we are up and running.

To change the image on the front of the ICON display, you will need to download a small bit of software from BitFenix, once you have done this it is very easy to change the picture to whatever you like.


Once you have downloaded the software, all you ned to do to change the ICON display is drag the picture you want to use onto the BitFenix ICON logo. Do not double click the BitFenix ICON logo, if you do, nothing will happen, simply drag and drop and wait a short while.


After a second or so, the ICON will change, very nice!


So let’s finally move onto the conclusion.

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