BitFenix Pandora ATX Review

Introduction, Packaging and Accessories

Well, I have a little bit of a soft spot for the original Pandora, it wasn’t the best case in the world by any stretch of the imagination and it had quite a few little flaws but I really enjoyed working on it and my “Pandora’s Purple Box” build got a lot of attention all over the world! When I was looking for my next review, I was asked if I could take a look at the new BitFenix Pandora ATX. It was a no brainer for me, I wanted to see if BitFenix had moved their brand forward since the original Pandora and check if they took on board any of the criticisms from the from the first release. So, let’s get straight into it shall we?

The box is pretty plain, nothing out of the ordinary, but it does do the job. The front just has a simple image of the case with the usual BitFenix branding.


The back of the box is a little more interesting, we start to see what the Pandora ATX actually has to offer. We now get a PSU cover, a reservoir bracket and pump bracket, as you can see, the last two do say “Pandora ATX only” which did confuse me for a moment, but then I realised that BitFenix have also released an ATX Core version that does not come with these extras. We also have the optional ICON display and you can also see that the Pandora ATX has support for up to 360 radiators!


So, since we have already seen some of the spec and the differences between the Pandora ATX and the Pandora ATX Core lets take a look at some of the other differences shall we? well, not that many, we lose a few drive bays and the front 140mm fan but other than that it is very similar. I like how BitFenix have given the two options again, sure, it can be confusing to the customer, but at least there is the option to save some money.


Upon opening the box, we get the usual two bits of styrophome, nothing special about the packaging at all, it does its job though, the case arrived to me from OcUK in perfect condition.


Inside the box we have a little instructional pamphlet, this is actually quite useful, it gives you some excellent information on how to change the ICON logo and also what the case has to offer.


I found this box loose inside the PSU cover of the case, it is a little strange that it isn’t sealed or wasn’t fixed to the case at all, but then again, nothing fell out of it during transport and nothing was damaged, so what is in the box?

IMG_0327All these bits and bobs! We have the usual screws for the motherboard, PSU, SSDs and HDDs. We also have some extras that you don’t always see such as the anti-vibration rubber washers, the badge and some cable ties to ensure your cable management is as good as possible. We also get a piece of metal. This attaches to the back of the case to give the Pandora ATX a nice symmetrical look.


So, that is the packaging and accessories out of the way, let’s have a look at the case!

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