Alphacool – A Closer Look

When I opened my box of fittings, I didn’t expect to see these little extras from Phobya, but the guys at Aquatuning know I do some pretty big builds and have used more than 10 fans on occasion!

So, let’s have a quick look at what these are and what they can do.


These are a great idea, when you are water cooling, or doing large builds, you generally run out of fan headers on your motherboard. Fan controllers are available but sometimes you just want a clean build without the need of a fan controller or sometimes you use all the channels. These split the channels so that you can add more fans. I am going to try these with my Aquacomputer Aquaero 6 XT when I can find enough fans to use them all with!

The first one i’m going to take a look at is a 4 fan PWM splitter, this means that if you use PWM fans and you use a PWM header to power them, the computer will tell the fan how fast they need to spin. This means that the fans will run quieter when you don’t need the extra cooling and when you do start intensive work, they will ramp up the speed.


The back of the 4 pin PWM splitter has very strong double sided tape. This means you can mount it any way you like and with its small footprint you could place it well out of the way to keep your cable management neat. These are available from Aquatuning for £4.59 inc VAT.


The Phobya 6 fan PWM splitter is very similar to the 4 fan splitter, but can take an extra two fans.


The back has the same 3M tape that will stick to anything, but this fan splitter also comes with 2 holes so you can mount it using screws (not included). These are available from Aquatuning for £5.16 inc VAT.


The last one is slightly different, this one is powered via molex, but you can run up to 9 fans. This is a lot of fan power and  I think is really for the enthusiast. This would be great for someone who likes to push the boundaries of their hardware and overclock their systems. This will allow them to add a lot of fans for radiators or just for airflow. The downside with this splitter is that the fans will be running at 100% all of the time, but when you are needing performance, you have to sacrifice the acoustics slightly.


Again, the 3M tape is back, so you can put this anywhere and has a small footprint, there should be space for this in any case that can hold 9 fans.

This splitter can be found at Aquatuning for a great price of £4.99.


For now, these are all the products I have to look at, I have a feeling we will be seeing more soon though. As I don’t want these posts to just be an advertisement section for the companies, I want to also give my thoughts.

The Alphacool fittings are very cheap, they work great and perform excellently. I have never had an issue with an Alphacool fitting and I have used quite a few. Having said that, some of their lines don’t look as aesthetically pleasing as some other premium ranges and a wider range of colours would be more desirable.

This is completely understandable though and Alphacool are addressing this slight issue, for instance, the high flow fittings I have shown you today look great! You have a choice:

Pay £15 for a single angled fitting from Bitspower, which come in a range of different colours or pay just over £4 for a fitting that does the exact same job but just don’t quite have the same finish. Alphacool sell far more fittings than Bitspower and there is a reason for that, a lot of people want an affordable quality product that works. This is what Alphacool excel at.

I look forward to seeing what Alphacool release in the future, I’m sure that they will continue to release products that I will be able to play with!

Thanks to AquatuningAlphacool and Phobya for letting me take a look at some of their products.

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