Alphacool – A Closer Look

Another fitting that Alphacool have in their range is this G1/4 male to male. Now these are great. These can be used for a multitude of things, for example, I have used them to connect reservoirs directly to a pump top, a block directly to a pump and joining hardline fittings together on long runs.

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As mentioned, they are G1/4 so fit with most brands of water cooling gear and are available in black or silver. These are something I never seem to have enough of, I seem to find new uses for them on every build!

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Here is a very quick example of how the fitting can be used. If there is a small gap between two blocks, or two radiators, or anything else with two female G1/4 threads, you can make something like this. For this example, I have used two 20mm Alphacool male to female fittings, as well as the 10mm male to male fitting to create this 30mm length that I can use to attach two radiators together. I have done this previously in a build with rubber tubing as it is a lot stronger and won’t bend. These are available at Aquatuning for £2.33 inc VAT.

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Unfortunately, I didn’t think about asking for all the angled fittings from Alphacool, but they did send me some 90°  rotatable angle fittings to show you.

So, angle fittings, these are definitely not to be forgotten these allow you to change the direction of your G1/4 thread, which means you change the direction of the tubing. These can stop soft tubing from kinking and make it so you don’t need to put a bend in hardline tubing. There are a few things to look at with angle fittings, there are many different types, the most common are 90° and 45° rotatable fittings, these are great as once the fitting is tight, you can still spin the top of the fitting to the direction you want. There are non-rotatable fittings also, these can be very useful also, but are trickier to use, they give a fixed direction, so if given the choice I try and get rotatable ones.


The fittings are again available in two colours, black and chrome and are available from Aquatuning for £4.35 inc VAT.


Now we have had a look at some of the range of Alphacool fittings, let’s see what Aquatuning sent me from Phobya shall we?

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