Alphacool – A Closer Look

Well, this is the first of a series of little posts I want to do. These are not really going to be reviews as such, they are more  of a quick look at the product, seeing what they are and what they reportedly do as well as me giving my opinion on the products.

First up its Alphacool. Alphacool have been in the water cooling business for over a decade and are one of the longest running, most popular companies for cooling in the world.  Based in Germany with resellers all over the world your never far away from an Alphacool fitting. Their focus is on performance and affordability without losing quality. Alphacool have a large range of water cooling products, including radiators, water blocks, reservoirs, tubing and fittings. I want to take a look at a few of their fittings today, I dont have time to look at all of their products (they have a lot!!!) but here are some that I think everyone should see if they are thinking about water cooling.

Alphacool sent me a range of fittings to look at via , as well as some goodies from their friends Phobya. Let’s take a look at what we have:

IMG_0006 - Copy

So as you can see we have a fair few fittings and also some little boxes, we will look at these a little later on.

First i want to talk about how Alphacool products are packaged. Each one is protected by a clear cover with a cardboard back. The back of the packaging has a label with the fitting type on it as well as the SKU. This is my favorite packaging for a fitting, it actually stops damage to them and also means they package nicely into boxes. I am not saying other companies package their products incorrectly, but this does seem a bit more substancial.

 IMG_0009 - Copy

The first fitting I am going to look at is this 20mm high flow male to female extension. These fitting are very useful if you want to extend you G1/4 socket for any reason. A good example of this would be to add this to your CPU block to make it so that your thread is above a RAM module to give you a far cleaner look, or from a radiator to clear a fan. As you can see, I have not cherry picked these fittings, and under a macro lens you can actually see some slight imperfections. To the naked eye, these are not seen and for a price of just £2.33 inc VAT from Aquatuning they are well worth having in your inventory.

6 - Copy

This fitting is also available in chrome, coming in at the same price at Aquatuning. There are also Copper versions on the website, but I have not seen these.

IMG_0030 - Copy

All of the fittings I have are from the ‘High Flow’ range. This is the term Alphacool use to let us know that these fittings have a large inner diameter and very little restriction. They are great for use in complicated loops that some other brands might need more powerful pumps

IMG_0032 - Copy

These fittings also come in a 10mm size,  these are (in my experience anyway) more commonly used. They are G1/4 thread inner and outer and are great to just add a little extra length to your standard fittings.  These are available in black and silver from Aquatuning for just £2.17 inc VAT.

IMG_0059 - Copy

Next up it’s these stoppers, these little under-rated fittings simply block an open G1/4 thread. They are used mainly on GPU blocks, pumps and radiators. Alphacool supply all their blocks with enough stop fittings for you to use for everyday use, but every now and again there is a requirement for more.


Again, these fittings come in both black and silver. They have a standard G1/4 thread so you can use these with most water blocks, pump tops and radiators.

IMG_0047 - Copy

As you can see, they are made to look exactly the same as their fittings range, so they are very uniform and coming in at £1.36 inc VAT from Aquatuning they are worth grabbing even if you don’t use them for this build, you can always use them in the future.


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